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Franchise Distributors wanted; Silkon Paints SA

Franchise Distributors wanted; Silkon Paints SA in areas that include: Gauteng Central and North, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Free State – Qwa-Qwa.

Silkon Paints Sa is now ready to start establishing its presence in each of the abovementioned areas.

In each area Silkon Paints Sa will have a Warehouse site from which Franchise Distributors will pull their stock needs.

Each Franchise Distributor (FD)will pay a R2,000 Initiation fee (To deal with administration costs only) and R10,000 which will be for initiation stock that you will sell and make back the cost of the stock and the fee with cash left over!

After that: No Monthly Fees, No Royalties!

The fee is there to ensure we get the best calibre of person who understand selling to friends, painting contractors and who ever gets to answer their ad. Each FD must advertise in the local newspaper contribute to a shared brochure printed monthly. We print 20,000 brochures per area and each FD is listed.

No FD will be closer than 7-10km form each other as it is intended for each FD to saturate his chosen area. Our prices are exceptionally priced and are far less than the quality you are paying for.

Franchise Distributors wanted; Silkon Paints SA

Our products have been manufactured for 20 years and we have so far only allowed a few FD’s in Gauteng , 1 in PE and a few others. These will remain in the new dispensation and we will ensure their areas are protected as well.

We are now going National and we shall be needing FD’s to apply in each of the areas listed below.

Once application is made we shall define the area and ensure that no other FD is allowed to sell in your defined area.

If you are interested please fill in the Contact form below and we will get back to you with a Contracts to be signed. Once signed money is to be paid and you will be asked to attend an initiation meeting to discuss the pricing and defining of the area chosen.

You will be given a price list and a Colour Chart to start selling the paints you will take back with you after the initiation discussion.

After that we are just a phone or Skype call away.


Investor Required


We are going to be launching Silkon Paint Midrand Nationally.https://www.mjfgroup.biz/cottagecraft/silkonpaintsmidrand

The company will be owned 60% By a Black Industrialist Group, which allows us access to the BIS funding from DTI.

Contact Me

In the meantime we are also requiring an investor to come in with R1 million. This will give him a 20% shareholding in the business.

Silkon has been going for around 20 years. They have a proven model in Gauteng and a few outlying Franchises but are not National. We intend to make our franchises National, in all 9 Provinces of South Africa.https://www.mjfgroup.biz/globalinsolvency

We will be opening our Midrand, Clayville soon and then Hammanskraal in North Gauteng,  followed by Phutaditijaba, Thohoyandou and then Bush Buck Ridge.

Your return on investment beats any of the local money market or JSE share returns.https://www.mjfgroup.biz/paintmanufacturing

Analysis has been conducted in each area and we are secure in our knowledge that we will be welcomed with open arms by the local population as our prices are the best in this Industry.

All existing Silkon Paints Franchises will continue to get stock from current sourcing point and will not be affected by what we are trying to do as we will not concentrate on any existing areas with a new Silkon Paints Midrand Franchise.  This is our attempt to create a large network of Distributors outside of Gauteng.

We are however still needing to fill a number of positions at each of these area so if you do wish to become an area Franchisee please also contact me.

Franchise Distributors Wanted:

Thohoyandou and Bush Buck Ridge.

So If anyone is interested please contact me.


Customer-based strategies

https://www.mjfgroup.biz/startanewbusinessCustomer-based strategies – with thanks to 12-manage.com

Clients are the basis of any strategy according to Ohmae. There is no doubt that a corporation’s foremost concern ought to be the interests of its customers rather than that of its stockholders and other parties. In the long run, the corporation that is genuinely interested in its customers will be interesting for its investors.

Segmentation is advisable:

  • Segmenting by objectives. Here, the differentiation is done in terms of the different ways that different customers use the product. Take coffee, for example. Some people drink it for waking up or staying alert, while others view coffee as a way to relax or socialize (coffee breaks).
  • Segmenting by customer coverage. This type of strategic segmentation normally emerges from a trade-off study of marketing costs versus market coverage. There appears always to be a point of diminishing returns in the cost-versus-coverage relationship. The corporation’s task, therefore, is to optimize its range of market coverage. Be it geographical or channel. So that its cost of marketing will be advantageous relative to the competition.
  • Segmenting the market once more. In a fiercely competitive market, the corporation and its head-on competitors are likely to be dissecting the market in similar ways. Over an extended period of time, therefore the effectiveness of a given initial strategic segmentation will tend to decline. In such a situation it is useful to pick a small group of key customers and reexamine what it is that they are really looking for.

Changes in customer mix:
Such a market segment change occurs where the market forces are altering the distribution of the user-mix over time by influencing demography, distribution channels, customer size, etc. This kind of change means that the allocation of corporate resources must be shifted and/or the absolute level of resources committed in the business must be changed


Book: Kenichi Ohmae – The Mind Of The Strategist: The Art of Japanese Business – 

Book: Kenichi Ohmae – The Invisible Continent : Four Strategic Imperatives of the New Economy – 

If you would like to have a Free One Hour Session, on this topic or Strategy Formulation in General and its consequences for Operations,  with Dr M J Freestone please use the contact form below:

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“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas Edison



Announcement. Appointment as IDC Senior Expert.


Announcement. Appointment as IDC Senior Expert.    I have pleasure to announce that IDC has just appointed me as a Senior Expert.

I have also just signed my first agreement to become the Business Support Senior Expert for Dream Doctor.


Dr. Felicia Tshiti, a qualified Medical Doctor decided to branch out and create Dream Doctors Collection to offer a fashion Statement to the Health Care Industry

Simple. Sophisticated. Specialised

Temp Image

Watch the E News Forerunner, “Expose on Dr Felica Tshiti,  Founder of Dream Doctors Collection”.

Some Google References:

About Dream Doctor Collection

100% Trust Fund Owned.
Based in Midrand, Gauteng Province, SA

To become a leading Health Wear brand both nationally and globally.

To bring a professional and modern look change amongst Doctors and all other Health care practitioners (Dentists, Therapists, All allied health practitioners, pharmacists, nurses, students in the careers, practitioners staff in private rooms).

Dream Doctor Collection presents the very first clothing for Doctors, and other health care practitioner at work, in the form of Scrubs and Uniform.

We are passionate about maintaining a professional look at work.
Our Clothing is designed and tailored to be simple yet sophisticated, comfortable and is of desired quality and value.

Health Wear Designed by a Doctor for her colleagues.

All Healthcare Professionals will remember with a shudder what they had to wear as Students and later when they worked in whatever discipline they worked in.  Their was no differentiation as a Scrub was a scrub.

Now that has changed. Felicia has designed a Fashion Scrub for each Medical Discipline.  Each has its own colour which comes in 3 categories: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Each Category has been further broken down in a SIngle, Twin and Triple Pack with prices that are easily affordable in the Industry.

I have been appointed to deal with Marketing and Sales, Mentoring and specific Leadership Coaching and to develop business processes, including Production, Inventory, Administration and Logistics. Gloria will climb in as well as she will be installing Pastel Partner in a Wide Area Network with Point of Sales in each Store we create.

It is our intention to hit the market hard so look out and see what is going to be happening in the Healthcare Industry.

Our target is all the Medical Training Universities in South Africa, starting at Medunsa with our first site moving to the other 7 in “fast time”.

Shortly to be informed by generation “Y,” leading the way to a new look Hospital Industry. Smart, Vibrant and Immensely proud of their chosen discipline.

Dream Doctor Collection Colour Blocks

“Scrubs” for The Healthcare being different by looking different and proud of the chosen discipline.

A Far Cry from the Old Scrubs!  https://www.mjfgroup.biz/oldscrubs


The New Look!  Dream Doctor Collection.






Dr. Michael J Freestone. B.Comm. ABP. FCIS, FCIBM, MBA. DBA (New York)

5 women who outshine their rich and famous husbands

5 women who outshine their rich and famous husbands

These wives of some of the world’s most rich and famous men are no slouches.

Despite having access to all the money in the world, they have written novels, started companies, edited magazines, and practiced law.

In addition to their brains and entrepreneurship, many also happen to be gorgeous.

With ranks including the brilliant Amal Clooney and Mark Zuckerberg’s pediatrician wife Priscilla, it’s no wonder billionaires wanted to be with these incredible women.

View As: One Page Slide

Salma Hayek is married to Francois-Henri Pinault, the billionaire who runs Gucci, among other brands.

Salma Hayek is married to Francois-Henri Pinault, the billionaire who runs Gucci, among other brands.


Why she’s awesome: Hayek received an Oscar nomination for her role in the film “Frida” and has starred in numerous blockbusters.

She does philanthropy through Unicef, helping raise awareness for child vaccines. She has also advocated charitable causes, raising awareness for such issues as domestic violence and climate change.

Amal Alamuddin is married to actor and activist George Clooney.

Why she’s awesome: Alamuddin is a highly accomplished human-rights lawyer whose clients include former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and the country of Armenia in its fight for recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

She’s also got a killer sense of style.

5 women who outshine their rich and famous husbands

Brexit has ‘unleashed a crisis’ as bad as 2008

GEORGE SOROS: Brexit has ‘unleashed a crisis’ as bad as 2008

George Soros. REUTERS/Christian Hartmann
Hedge fund legend George Soros thinks the vote for a British exit from the European Union is bringing calamity to the world’s financial markets.

“Unfortunately, Brexit has not only created an opening to reinvent the European Union — it has also aggravated two looming dangers,” Soros said Thursday in a speech to the Brexit has ‘unleashed a crisis’ as bad as 2008European Parliament that was obtained by ValueWalk.

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