Business Support for the CEO provide Business Support, to those CEO’s/Owners in medium to large manufacturing companies experiencing unpredictable revenue streams and inconsistent bottom lines.

We use a unique set of diagnostic tools to identify blockages in revenue streams and profit generation. These diagnostics clearly identify those areas in the business that cause blockages to profit streams.

We have Clients that have lifted sales by R32 million in a single year and moving net profit after tax from 1% to 8% over a 2 year period.
 Business Services South Africa

These Clients have taken control over their policy and procedure with a resultant higher level of employee performance. Their “on time in full” delivery percentage has risen from 34% to 67% in one year. Some even higher.

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Our Business Support for the CEO Program is designed to get you back in control and back on track with Your Goals and Objectives.


Types of Business Support

Retrenchment. For those companies who are really in trouble and don’t know how to get out of it.

Don’t let Your Business become a Sinking Ship! Get in before the liquidator arrives.     Stabilisation. For those companies who are making random and or erratic profits with the concomitant lack of cashflow.




Growth.  For those companies who are realising growth but the CEO knows that more is out there.



Our Business Support Program for the CEO comes from who has been in this position and who has helped dozens of CEO’s to Create Real Shareholder Value. 

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Functional Strategy

The principal goal of functional strategy is to maximize corporate and divisional resource productivity so that a distinctive competence will develop to give a company or business unit a competitive advantage.  (1)

Within the constraints of corporate and divisional strategies. functional strategies are developed to pull together the various activities  and competencies of each function (typically housed within a department) so that performance improves.

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For example;  Manufacturing is very concerned with developing a strategy to cut costs and to improve the quality or the efficiency of the department to improve ultimately a high on time in full percentage to improve customer satisfaction. Marketing is typically concerned with developing strategies to increase sales. Strategy Areas.

Functional Strategies can be identified within the areas of marketing, finance, research and development, operations and human resources, among other areas.

The formulation and presentation of these strategies are important to build on an area’s strength or to cut its weaknesses so that corporate and business strategies have a greater likelihood to succeed.


  • Marketing – Market Development – Product Development

  • Finance.

    • To provide corporation with proper financial structure and funds to meet its overall objectives.
  • Operations.

    • To decide how and where the product or service is to be manufactured, the level of vertical integration, the deployment of physical resources and relationship with suppliers.
  • Human Resources .

    • Needs to address the issue of hiring, firing, low wages, high wages, promotion, demotion, statutory labour issues, job performance, discipline rewards systems.
  • Information Systems .

    • To ensure accuracy of data, storage and protection of data, online continuance to run computer systems, update of programs, business intelligence.

The above is not exhaustive but gives the reader some ideas of what is involved in setting functional strategies.

Let us help you get your Functional Strategies in place. Contact us for a free one hour appointment to discuss your functional strategy needs.

(1) Source Wheelen and Hunger.Strategic Management and Business Policy. Addison-Wesley Publishing Company. 1992.

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Daily Post

It’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.

Abraham Lincoln

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SWOTResearch indicates that corporate performance is determined by a combination of internal and external factors, known as SWOT Analysis.

Both sets of factors must be considered when performing a situational analysis. SWOT is an acronym for a corporations keys internal Strengths and Weaknesses and its external Threats and Opportunities.

These are the strategic factors that must be analysed and should include not only those external factors that are most likely to occur and have a serious impact on the company, but also those internal factors that are most likely to affect the implementation of present  and future strategic decisions.

We recommend using a TOWS Matrix instead of the normal or standard SWOT Analysis. To generate TOWS as shown below take the steps:…


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Business Plans That Work craft Business Planning that Works. This is essential! as those that don’t do this are doomed to failure.

Statistics report that ninety percent (90%) of businesses never prepare a Strategy Plan and seventy percent (70%)of  those businesses never prepare a business plan.  Our experience has that having a good Business Plan is fundamental to success.

“Drive your business or it will drive you” – Franklin.

   The greatest threat to a ship’s captain is not having detailed navigation charts to steer his ship through uncharted waters.  Likewise, the greatest threat to a business owner is not having a plan on how to steer his business through difficult periods of economic slowdown or catastrophic market changes without suffering shipwreck.

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DIY Disruption Is The Easiest Way To Innovate by Jonathan Bush is CEO and co-founder and the author of “Where Does it Hurt?:





An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Fixing Health Care.”
Last month I attended the Collision conference in Las Vegas; it served up a hipster/music festival feel with a decidedly tech twist. The event welcomed old-school headliners like PayPal, Dropbox and Facebook, but also brought in hundreds of tech startups, from cloud management vendor CloudBolt to MedYear, a consumer health information exchange platform.

The vibe was electric. It signaled a ravenous appetite from companies who want to find or be “the next big thing.” And there I was, representing healthcare, the industry hungriest out of them all — starved for more innovation…….. I’m calling it “DIY Disruption.”

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Free Webinar - Get Four Steps to A 6-Figure Speaking Career! On this FREE webinar you will learn to multiply your Public Speaking Power, Influence and Effectiveness, to get speaking engagements, to attract high QUALITY clients that listen, connect and tak

Bok ratings: Look away now!

Cape Town – If what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, then South Africa should be well nigh invincible for the remainder of the World Cup. Ex Flipboard 

Er, maybe.

About the only positive thing you can say in the aftermath of an earth-shuddering day for rugby – and not just our beloved, crying country – is that most Springbok players managed to get to their feet and find their emotionally-bloodied way to the tunnel in Brighton on Saturday.

They have lived to fight another day, following a stunning 34-32 upset at the hands of Japan’s Brave Blossoms, although that assignment looms uncomfortably quickly: they must pick up the pieces to face the famed brutality of Samoa just a week up the road in Birmingham.

The Boks were truly caught cold by the planet’s 13th-ranked nation in their RWC 2015 opener at the Community Stadium, all sorts of grotesque failings coming to the fore.

A massive turnaround task lies ahead for a shamed, presumably highly shell-shocked group of players.

Look away from their game one performance cards if you are squeamish …

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