Welcome to THE MJF GROUP

Welcome to THE MJF GROUP

We are a multidisciplinary administrative, Accounting, Strategy, Business Planning and Marketing site using the skills and experience of our Founder, dr Michael J freestone-B.Comm. FCIS, FCIBM, ABP, MBA – Marketing, and a Doctorate written at New York University System school obtained with a summa cum laude pass and a distinction in business Finance.

The site is under construction and will soon offer full of information and special offers to get your Business on the Growth path.


Try our free Business reviews, 11 of them, all entirely free.

We also offer a free Strategic and Business Plan Package, single-user, on the cloud, ENTIRELY FREE FOREVER. Includes Tutorials, Stratpad university access and other help included in the package as you go.

The first is a business review to assess if your company is ready for Growth.

I’ve heard it so many times. “Yes, we are ready” and as many times I’ve seen them fail.

So, I challenge you to take the assessment and see if you are!


A free BusinessReview to see if you are Growth Ready!


Follow the link, register and don’t forget your user name and password aa this access gives you more than 10 more business reviews including:

  1. Business Development Review
  2. Start-up action plan.
  3. High Growth
  4. Business Review
  5. Effective Business Plan
  6. Focussed Business Diagnostic
  7. How good are Your management skills
  8. Investment ready
  9. Work-life motivation
  10. Capability and Alignment
  11. EO 9 Box Grid – used to assess employee output on a one and one basis.


SAA cannot generate cash flow currently – Tito Mboweni

Should you have any queries send me a contact form and I  will respond as soon as possible.


Dr Michael J  Freestone

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Address: 44 Impala Road,

White River.


South Africa.

Contact : +2783 271 2440



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