16 Golden Rules To Immediately And Massively Grow Your Business.

16 Golden Rules To Immediately And Massively Grow Your Business.

Powerful strategies to skyrocket your business and multiply your profits and business success.

Some of these 16 Rules are based on the results of marketing surveys covering over 60,000 advertisements and promotions. In other instances over 105,000 selling words and sentences have been tested on over 18,900,000 customers, to come up with the most effective sales principles. These rules have sold many millions worth of products. And they will sell millions more in the future.

No matter what you are selling, you are selling to people. Your customers all eat, sleep and have problems with their kids, wife or husband. They probably want to work less, look younger and need to lose a bit of weight and exercise more. In other words – they are human beings like you and I. Human nature doesn‟t change.
That‟s why the rules below will apply today as they did 10, 30, or even 80 years ago.

16 Golden Rules To Immediately And Massively Grow Your Business.

Golden Rule 1. It is 5 times easier to sell something else to your existing customers than to get a new customer.

Golden Rule 2: If you have an established business 70% of your advertising money should be spent on re-selling to your existing customers.

Golden Rule 3: Where possible only sell to “players”.

Golden Rule 4.If you need to get new customers, by far the best (and cheapest) way is to offer a free sample of your product or service.

Golden Rule 5. When promoting your products find the “right appeal”.

Golden Rule 6.The more information you give in your ads, the more you’ll sell.

Golden Rule 7. Research clearly shows that ads that look like editorial articles get 500% more readership than ads that obviously look like ads.

Golden Rule 8. Never ever run any advertisement without monitoring the response.

Golden Rule 9. Monitor everything you do to promote your business

Golden Rule 10. Don’t try to be creative or original.

Golden Rule 11. Use Benefit Headlines in all your adverts.

Golden Rule 12. Client testimonials increase credibility – and sales.

Golden Rule 13.Nobody has been able to show a relationship between advertising recall and actual sales.

Golden Rule 14.Test every ad, sales letter or marketing campaign before betting your house (or your business future) on it.

Golden Rule 15. Do not listen to opinions and advice from well meaning friends, family and business associates.

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16 Golden Rules To Immediately And Massively Grow Your Business.

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