Business Plan

Business Plan


We are Business Plan Specialists, working since 2004. We have prepared dozens of business plans used in funding application and management of the business going forward.

Our Business Plans are Funding Ready and have been used at  SEDA, SEFA, Dti, NEF, IDC and All Private Financial Institutes in South Africa. All Projections are reviewed by our Accounting and Marketing Specialists. Our Business Plan Department uses PALO ALTO PRO which has over 500 Business Plan Templates covering 25 business sectors.

We gave found almost R2 billion for funding applications in the medium-sized businesses in South Africa. We were successful with IDC in obtaining funding for a brand new cable factory in Gauteng recently.

So, if you are interested in getting a free consultation with us send me a Contact Form below.

Our rates are competitive and service is of the highest standard.

The Business plan kickoff process is simple.

1. Get a free consultation with us assessing if we are the right fit for your business.

2. Get a quotation from us for the first part of the plan which is the written part and if acceptable send us proof of payment. We normally start within 48 hours.

The Structure

Marketing and Sales Forecasts

The next phase is the marketing section which covers the proof that you have conducted marketing research and have evidence for the sales program. This section is probably the most important as none of the funders accepts estimates of sales forecasting. The sales forecasting includes obtaining leþers of intent or pro forma orders.


It is extremely important to give evidence that you or a senior staff member has the technical skills that are needed to produce the technical aspects in conjunction with the owner of the business.


Business Plan Templates

We have 28 different categories of Business Planning Templates as listed below.

Each template pack includes A Written Template, Financial Numbers including Sample data showing:

  1. sales forecast,
  2. overhead expenses,
  3. cashflow tables in which capital expenditure is shown, loans and investement,
  4. profit and loss table in which you will detail your intended overhead expenses,
  5. a general template in which you will show interest rate, and tax rate and
  6. a balance sheet which is self balancing from the above data inputs.