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First of all, I want to thank you for clicking on my ad. If you use the contact form below, with subject header “Bonus” I will send you a Free E-Book “16  Golden Rules To Immediately And Massively Grow Your Business.” To see a summary Click on the URL. This is an e document so quantity is no problem

I started my Xtreme Business Systems from this base and it has grown to a business book of 230 pages, packed with tips and How-To advice to massively grow your business. Many of my clients have grown by up to 179%, month by month compared to before COVID – Granted, from a low post-Covid lockdown base. But, they say the growth has been phenomenal. The book is a kindle book on Amazon for $9.99 Self-help

Now to tell you the price, so that I don’t waste your time going forward. I charge R$9.99 for this manual.  Please note we only have 5 printed documents ready. So order now
Go to amazon.com go to Books. In the search section type”Xtreme BusinessSystems
Money back Guarantee. If you can show me that you have diligently followed the tips and advice used and followed the advice in your workbooks and, nothing has worked for 3 months I will pay you back your R$9.99


I must warn you! It’s no use buying the Manual and think the solutions just happen. No, it requires a dedicated approach and a diligent and responsible adherence to the process. Without this, you are wasting your time and money!

I always suggest choosing a champion from your staff and link them to the system. Get a small update daily and a weekly analysis of what has worked or not worked. It’s important to measure before you begin,  a baseline, and measure at the end of every sales cycle. If you don’t measure what you do you will not succeed.

The Manual is broken down into 15 modules.

Module 1The XBS Business Growth Principles. 21 Business Building Concepts to Make A Business Strategically Unstoppable

Module 2Fast Cash Tactics; 8 Fast Cash Tactics to Flood Your Business with Money Now.

Module 3Lead Generation; Preparation is the key to your success and is the main reason why the XBS System Program is so successful.

Module 4Niche Marketing. Multiply the size of your business by targeting specific people and businesses that have a perfect need for your product or service.

Module 5Unique Selling Proposition.  The second most important thing you must do to grow your business is to construct your own “Unique Selling Proposition” – get this right and your targeted prospects (your niche) won’t be able to resist your product or service!

Module 6: Transferring The Features Of Your Product Or Service Into Sizzling Benefits.  The benefits you provide are important to your prospects and clients or customers – benefits are what they are buying.

Module 7:  Transferring The Features Of Your Product Or Service Into Sizzling Benefits.  The benefits you provide are important to your prospects and clients or customers – benefits are what they are buying.

Module 8:  Fonts:  Making your advertising and marketing communications easy to read to ensure the highest response.

Module 9:  Testimonials. Helping you generate many more leads, by proving you can deliver on your promises!

Module 10:   Irresistible Offers.  How to multiply your sales and profits using irresistible offers.

Module 11Lead Generation Strategy. How to maximise your response (and minimize your costs) by carefully matching your lead generation tools to your target or niche market(s).

Module 12:  Lead Generation Strategy. How to maximise your response (and minimize your costs) by carefully matching your lead generation tools to your target or niche market(s).

Module 13: Budgeting. How to set your initial lead generation budget, and why you’ll never need to budget in the future.

Module 14:  Selecting Your Lead Generation Tools. Choosing your lead generation tools and putting in place your ‘Marketing Activity Plan.

Module 15How To Multiply The Results Of Your Lead Generation Super System.

The Manual contains 55000 words in 206 pages. Years of work have gone into this document. With dozens of System improvements since 2004 and again since March 2020

You will not find a business book that will give you a paint by numbers system like this Program.

So don’t waste time.


WE can have a discussion on  Skype, which may be a better Covid 19 protocol. If you still need more info read on…..The Xtreme Business System“https://www.mjfgroup.bizWelcome to the ‘Xtreme Business Systems Program. In this program, you’ll learn everything you need to know to create your very own business building system based on the most effective and radical business growth Tactics available to any business. Better still, we’re going to show you how to put these Tactics on auto-pilot using the ‘Xtreme Business Services Program.’Never before has a program been made available that shows any business owner how to put in place a series of amazingly powerful Tactics and then successfully systematize each strategy to ensure you get repeatable results over weeks, months and years.

Xtreme Business Systems

Why We Created This Program For YouThe purpose of this program is to give you step-by-step, practical instructions you can apply immediately to your business, so you too can build a successful business in the shortest time possible. There are many books and theories about how to ‘market’ businesses. But most of them fall well short of their goal. They tell you what to do, but only give sketchy details on how to actually do it. And they concentrate on ‘traditional’ sales and marketing techniques – many of which don’t work for most businesses. And they NEVER tell you what to do first, what to do second, what to do third…This program will concentrate on the three necessary components for developing a highly successful and profitable business: Never before has someone been able to say with true conviction that if you follow “these steps” you will be more successful. That is until now! And why should we be any different? The Xtreme Business Services Program is a system you can follow, irrespective of what business you’re in or what product or service you sell. It’s a system that leaves nothing to chance. Follow the system and we guarantee you’ll grow your business with massively increased profits. Anything is possible when you apply the tactics we’ll be revealing to you. Yes, it does take effort, but the great thing about the Xtreme Business Systems Program is this…Once your Xtreme Business Systems Program is in place it virtually runs by itself. You’ll keep generating leads and enquiries and keep converting them into high-quality customers, or clients. And you’ll keep selling and reselling to existing customers or clients. The process works so you don’t have to think about it.

Xtreme Business SystemsWhat You’ll Get From The Program

We’ve designed this program to give you all the ‘what to do,’ ‘why to do it,’ and ‘how to do it’ information you’ll need to make your own business as successful as possible.

Our basic philosophy is that success can be ‘modelled.’ We know this works. Together we’ve grown, or been instrumental in growing, literally dozens of businesses all over the world using the very same time- tested Tactics you’re about to discover. And dozens of other businesses around the world are also getting the same great results using this program. Better still…We’ve given you every secret, every principle, every strategy. No details have been spared or missed out. And you get the lot – well all the stuff that works! Not one aspect of the information contained in this program is theory. None of it is hearsay. None of it is based on concepts. Everything you read has been tried and tested.

Xtreme Business Systems

Plus…None of the marketing secrets, principles and Tactics contained in the program require you to do any ‘cold calling.’And it couldn’t be easier. As long as you follow the Step-By-Step Xtreme Business Systems Modules as we’ve laid out, everything will come together in a logical and sensible order. We can’t stress to you how important this is. We’ve made it as simple for you as possible. Just follow the step by step instructions in each Xtreme Business Systems Program System Module – then turn to the Workbook (at the end of each Manual) to complete your own strategy, and you’ll create an amazingly powerful business growth system. The scale of your success is not down to us – it’s down to you. We’ve given you, and will give you the proven tools, which if applied will rapidly grow your business. Nothing worth achieving is easy. But with some effort on your side, you really will see some jaw-dropping results. Okay, now that you understand where you’ll be going, and what you need to do, let’s get started. But first, let us say one more thing. We’re extremely excited about this program. We believe it is the only program of its kind anywhere. We don’t know of anything else that’s as comprehensive, practical, and as proven as this program is for business owners and entrepreneurs. So welcome aboard. And may your business become far more profitable than your most optimistic projections. So why wait to Buy Now!www.mjfgroup.biz/paloalto

If you have any queries please contact me.Contact Form[contact-form-7 id=”392″ title=”Contact Form”]Money Back Guarantee. Should you decide that the program is not for you you will get your money back. You must return all the contents of the original delivery and evidence that you followed in the workbooks, at your own cost. I look forward to welcoming you onboard and may we see the Growth and Development that you deserve.Dr. Michael John Freestone. B. Com. FCIS. FCIBM. ABP. DBA (New York) NOTICE. Save Yourself Thousand buy my “Paint by Numbers book “Xtreme Business Systems” on Amazon Kindle for $9.99

I also offer a 4-month consulting program using the book to ensure you get the most out of it.

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