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The XBS Business Growth Principles


21 Business Building Concepts

to Make A Business Strategically Unstoppable



In  this  first  Module  you  are  being  introduced  to  the  most  exciting,  powerful,  and  profitable business building principles in the World.

These dynamic concepts are not part of the traditional marketing approach talked about in conventional marketing and business books or taught in the Universities. Instead they form part of the ‘street wise’, ‘common sense’ and ‘guerrilla tactics’ marketing school, proven time and time again, to provide you with an ‘unfair advantage’ over your competitors. The application and implementation of this information into businesses, has over the years made billions upon billions in newfound profits.

These same principles make up the foundational knowledge base of The XBS Program.

As you can see from the diagram on page 8, the ‘principles’ are the foundation to everything we

  1. So, everything you do from now on will follow one or more of these principles.

Perhaps the easiest way to explain how the principles work in conjunction with everything else you’ll be doing is to give you a very simple example…

Let’s say you decide to use advertising in newspapers or magazines as one of your lead generation tools / Tactics. Contrary to popular belief you can make particularly good money from this type of advertising (thousands – even millions of Rands). The key however is to apply one proven ‘principle’

– the principle of ‘Direct Response Advertising’ (fully explained later).

Without applying this one basic principle your advertising will flop – no question (that’s why people think advertising doesn’t work!). However, when you apply the principle of ‘Direct Response Advertising’ your advertising will become a great success. That’s the impact these little-known Business Building Principles will have on your business!

So, let’s get started.

Xtreme Business System

Other topics include:

XBS Module 1. 11

The XBS Business Growth Principles. 11

21 Business Building Concepts to Make A Business Strategically Unstoppable. 11

Introduction. 12

XBS Principle 1. 13

XBS Principle 2. 14

XBS Principle 3. 15

XBS Principle 4. 18

XBS Principle 5. 20

XBS Principle 6. 21

XBS Principle 7. 24

XBS Principle 8. 28

XBS Principle 9. 33

XBS Principle 10. 36

XBS Principle 11. 37

XBS Principle 12. 38

XBS Principle 13. 39

XBS Principle 14. 41

XBS Principle 15. 44

XBS Principle 16. 46

XBS Principle 17. 48

XBS Principle 18. 49

XBS Principle 19. 50

XBS Principle 20. 51

XBS Principle 21. 52

XBS System Module 2. 53

Fast Cash Tactics 53

8 Fast Cash Tactics to Flood Your Business with Money Now.. 53

XBS Module 3 Lead Generation. 70

Getting an Endless Supply of High-Quality Leads for Your Business. 70

XBS Module 4 Niche Marketing. 73

Multiply the size of your business by targeting specific people and businesses that have a perfect need for your product or service. 73

Introduction. 74

Stage 2: Your Own Company Analysis. 83

Stage 3: Identifying Possible Niches. 87

Stage 4: Choosing The Perfect Niche. 88

Stage 5: Defining Your Chosen Niche. 90

XBS Module 5. 93

Unique Selling Proposition. 93

The second most important thing you must do to grow your business is to construct your own “Unique Selling Proposition” – get this right and your targeted prospects (your niche) will not be able to resist your product or service! 93

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